Packing is a cautious yet definitive process, no matter the industry. Aligning paperboard in rows with air acting as cushion, the ridges for strength and flexibility, we understand carton corrugation. Our fast and user-friendly comprehensive set of solutions are custom made for corrugated packaging business.

The solution is flexible and modular, and customizable to meet the needs of sheet plants, packaging suppliers and more. A time-tested solution, helping corrugated box plants get quotes faster, earn more business and improve efficiency and communication.

A quick look at the areas we cover as custom solution for the industry:
  • Sales Order – Local & Export
  • Sample
  • Pre Costing/ Quotation – Corrugation
  • Sample Production – Corrugation
  • Purchasing – Local & Export
  • Production Planning
  • Corrugation Production
  • Stores – Paper & General
  • Dispatched Local & Export
  • Export & Import Shipment
  • Block & Die Cut Corrugation
  • QC
  • Finance
  • Maintenance