Once a handicraft industry, textile production is now an engineering activity that uses various technologies and processes to design and develop textiles. Production precisely to demand is the key to success in the textile industry. Slight underflow or overflow can take a cost dynamic to a different plane. Starting from the pre-production to the end produce, each work should be carried out precisely and accurately for minimizing production errors and to attain maximum profit.

We have a specifically designed solution for textile which is an integrated application as a solution resolving all the major industry challenges. Our solutions address everything from fibers to design.

Our solution covers the following business functions.
  • Procurement
  • Stores/Inventory
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Costing
  • Sample Room
  • Research and Innovation
  • Production - Printing | Winding | Covering | Dyeing | Weaving | Knitting
  • Braiding - Sewing Thread | Zipper | Tipping | Beam Warping | Finishing
  • Quality
  • Testing Lab
  • Packing
  • IT
  • Maintenance