Digital Industries

Digital Factory is not Zero People.

Digital Factory is no more paper! People interface with equipment; equipment interface with equipment and people only consume from software. We establish a source of truth, take data from there and minimise the errors.

Digital Factory is connected stack! Equipment is connected to SCADA, to MES, to ERP and to the cloud. There is no paper, no dependency on a person who knows the floor best to transfer the information or data.

Digital Factory is read-time metrics! not supervisors making decisions based on the data collected yesterday or from some report produced in the morning.

Advanced technologies are acting as a catalyst for increasing global manufacturing competitiveness, as leading 21st century manufacturers have fully converging the physical and the digital.

The latest trend in manufacturing is the use of digital solutions to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, enhance quality and meet sustainability goals. The two key building blocks of applying digital solutions to reduce downtime are:

  • Establish data acquisition from every possible edge, process and operations.
  • Process the data acquired and generate actionable insights.

Machines and processes need to be connected, they have to be predictable, adaptable and extendable within the integrated plant. We offer strong digitization platform which provides features to connect & monitor, analyse & predict and digitize & transform the manufacturing operations.

We are your Digital Lab - we help customers lowering the cost and reducing the time to deliver - design, test and try out new products.

We bring in solutions that helps manufacturing meet tomorrow:
  • Digital link between design and fabrication
  • Connected machines, factories and supply chain
  • Digital twin
  • Data aggregation, analysis and actionable insights across process
Our core services:
  • Industrial IoT
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Digital Factory
  • Digital Twin