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Features of Health


  • Registrations such as OP, IP, MHC & OP visit/ Episode.
  • Appointments, doctors schedule, doctor leaves & bulk rescheduling.
  • Pending List , IP admission, ER to IP transfer
  • Registration report out patient list, Patient status report, Area wise summary , Doctor wise IP/OP
  • Activity management on receiving patients, nursing assessment, active patients, drug administration
  • OT scheduler and radiology scheduler
  • Case wise details, patient bed history, ward order statistics, and PDD comparison reports
  • Bed under maintenance, Room discharge TAT 
  • New OP registration, OP visit/ episode, OP service entry
  • OP registration reports
  • Area wise OP/IP details
  • Out patient list
  • Sample tracking, collection, acknowledgement & printing barcodes.
  • Report tracking on received sample, validated results, approved results, lab revert reports, lab outsource reports
  • Reports such as TAT report, patient info tracking, lab SMS report, service break reports

It’s completely compatible with the imaging techniques used by the radiologist and offers Smart methodologies for the radiologists to interpret and infer results reducing their time consumption and effort.

  • Receive Patients, Update Reports, Validate Reports, Approve Reports
  • Printing Reports and EIS Order Report

The Quality Control module is a powerful tool that takes care of all quality-related functions in the hospital. Ability to track the equipment Usage. Multiple audit options are available in reference to the NABH Standards

  • Nursing Audit, IP critical Transfer,  Venflon Audit, Death and AMA, Pain Score Audit, Fasting Audig
  • Equipment Usage for Catheter Form, Ventilator Forms and ICD
  • Drug Audit for Allergy Entry, Error Entry, Drug Bounce
  • Infection Control, Restrain Audit, PPE Audit, BMW Audit
  • Consent Report, Narcotics Report, BMW Report, AMR Report

Ability to cater an appropriate and nutrition rich diet to the inpatients. Ordering and monitoring of patient diet are the primary obligations of this module. Options to create package template is also available.

  • Master  Type,  Session, Package
  • Transaction Records for Assessment, Dietary Order, Diet Preparation, Canteen Issue
  • Reports on Pending Orders, Issued Diet Orders

Ability to handle all the assets in the hospital. Ensure the activities like identifying an item as a fixed asset and then allocating specific depreciation on that asset, managing the movement of the asset, Maintenance of the asset, Revaluation and Disposal etc., are monitored regularly.

  • Transaction Records of Categories, Locations, Manufacturers, Brands
  • Reports on Fixed asset Register, Warranty (AMC/ Renewals/ INC)

This module enables quick registration with minimal requirements of information from the patient. It also has provision to capture medico legal case details.

  • Active patients
  • ER service appointment statuses  
  • ER Investigations

This module caters to retail out pharmacy, general outpatient pharmacy, and ward & Inpatient pharmacy. It's designed to eliminate error while dispensing medicines + control over medicines stocks.

  • Pending OP orders, pending IP orders ,return requests 
  • Retailer sale, sales invoice, sales return, pharmacy receipt, pharmacy refund 
  • Sales summary reports, item wise profitability, schedule register, pharmacy TAT, GST report

Theatres could be scheduled based on the availability. It also has features of slots with desired surgeon and their team, preparation of the OT, post operation care procedures etc seamless interface with CSSD.

  • Appointments, pending requests pending for OT material billing, material bill return, bill details
  • Booking details, delay reports, material billing, surgery performance, cancelled report, material billing cancelled reports

A comprehensive module which provides storage and maintenance of patient’s record, Reports on statistical data, quality of medical record content etc. Maintaining a patient’s right to confidentiality and privacy by adhering to information release guidelines and ensuring records are kept in a secure environment.

  • Printing birth certificates, ICD code updates, MRD rack allocation, external document updates
  • Specialty wise patient summaries, doctor wise OP and IP, OP to IP conversions, bed occupancy reports, track sheets, midnight census

Ability to record and maintain Purchase of Items, Issue of Items, Maintenance of Stock, Automatic Reorder level Setting, Online request for stock from various sub-stores, Online stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Return of items to supplier etc.

  • Transaction Issuing, Receipt, Physical Stock Verification, Inter Location Stock Transfer
  • Transfer Requests, Pending Requests, Transfer Issuing, Transfer Receipts, Returns and Return Acknowledgement.
  • Location Wise Stock Summary Reports, Item wise stock Summary, Stock ageing detail and Stock Movement Reports 


A Unique module which has control of linen usage starting from receiving a request for linen, Issue to discard of the used linens

  • Transaction Records for Issuing, Received, Scrap/ Discard, Linen Transfer
  • Reports of Linen Stock Ledger, Linen Stock Statement

This module is comprehensive in its nature maintaining all information regarding the blood donation. It is also linked with the other modules like Wards and OT in which a request could be directly raised. Essential information’s like availability of blood, cross-matching between donor’s and recipient’s blood groups and blood transfusion reactions are recorded.

  • Blood Component Master, Cross Match Method
  • Transaction Records on Donor Registration, Blood Collection, Blood Testing, Cross Match Rejection, Blood Bag Issue, Opening Stock for Blood Bank

Ability to track the complete process of CSSD starting for creating a master list for kit, receiving instruments, Catheters/tubes/other rubber goods surgical tools etc. to issuing them to the respective department

  • Kit Master
  • Transaction records of Kit Creation, CSSD Issue, Sterilization entry, Condemnation Entry, Item Transfer
  • Reports on Issue, Daily Sterilization Summary, Receive and pending. 

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