Tire Industry ERP Solution

ERP solution, specially developed for the Tire industry needs

The tire industry’s main objective is to keep all processes working without interruption to achieve optimum machine efficiency.

For this to happen, all other functions should be functioning seamlessly to avoid any bottlenecks. Our production planning tool achieves just that! With advanced scheduling and forward planning, the system will give the company an extra edge to stand out from the competition.

Variety of tyres at busy warehouse

Features of Tire


The tool facilitates optimum processing sequence for operation to meet the delivery dates

considering different constraint

Reduction measures are carried out until the overall lead time has been reduced to a greater extent. You can consequently retain floats for uncritical operations and prevent unnecessary splits or overlaps.

In times of ever changing demand, companies need to make rapid changes to support a high degree of customer service including managing same day shipments.

Synchronized Planning connects your supply chain network with production planning and detailed scheduling.

Operational reports identify improvement opportunities and new best practices along with AI-based forecasting that improves resource utilization and productivity. Interactive self-services for employees that promote a work-life balance.

In most of the cases the mold constraint is a bottleneck to the tire industry, Planning to achieve the optimum productivity by managing the mold constraint is vital.
Many options for scheduling are available such as Forward, Bi-directional, Backward equencing and etc.

From receiving the enquiry from the buyer to placing the order confirmation by creating the initial and final cost sheet is seamlessly handled. The robust workflow engine built in the ERP enables the initial and final costing process to flow between departments like fabric, trims, sample room to collect the necessary information to create the initial and final cost sheets.


Handling of job allocation to pattern maker, marker maker, marker board maker. The workflow each person involved in the process of their jobs and the status of the current job. The coordinator has the visibility to monitor the team through the system. The sample development process is handled. Which handles external document uploads and visibility.

Sample Room

Handles both thread breakdown and operation breakdown. The get the operation breakdown the Standard minute value, operations, machines, and parts are taken into consideration for each style. The stitch count and the ticket are considered to get the thread breakdown.

Industrial engineering

The pilot run before the production to get the maximum productivity is termed as quick change over

Quick change over

The cut plan from the production planning tool is released by planning the critical operation “sewing”. On release of the cut plan the cutting plan is laid out and the production process starts. The bundled fabric is sent out to the production floor to sew. Post sewing the post-production activities like ironing, tagging etc. are carried out which is handled through the system.


The use of a graphical interface with a drag and drop functionality, visualizing the available capacity and optimizing the line for specific products has made the planner’s life easier and production planning and scheduling simpler while also providing the organization with an optimum production blueprint. The features specific to apparel industry like time& action, learning curve etc. are dealt with it


DSI Case Study

Mr. Anusha Amaratunga is Planning Manager at DSI. “As our planning became more and more difficult to handle manually we were looking for a software solution. We came across Preactor and because they have been into providing Planning and scheduling solutions for many years, we felt that they have good understanding and that’s the reason we decided to go with them.”

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