Poultry and Meat Processing

Poultry and Meat Processing Solutions

Empowering the Poultry Industry with Cutting-Edge ERP Solutions

The poultry industry stands as a vital pillar in global food production, meeting the ever-growing demand for high-quality protein sources. With its complex supply chain, stringent regulatory requirements, and diverse operational challenges, efficiency and precision are paramount for success.

Enter Axpert ERP, your comprehensive solution designed to navigate the intricate landscape of poultry farming, processing, and distribution. This cutting-edge ERP platform integrates seamlessly with every aspect of the poultry operation, empowering you to optimize production, enhance quality control, and drive profitability.

Features of Poultry and Meat Processing


Elevate the feed production process to new heights of efficiency and accuracy with Axpert’s Feeder Mill module. Tailored specifically for the poultry industry, this module seamlessly integrates essential functionalities to streamline mixing, grinding, crud, and packing operations.

Special features

  • Feeder Formula
  • Material Management
  • BOM
  • Production
  • Work Center and Machines
  • QC
  • MRP

Take control of the breeder management processes with this comprehensive Breeder Management module. Designed to meet the unique needs of poultry breeders, this module provides unparalleled functionality to streamline flock management from brooding to egg collection.

Special Features

  • Flock Management
  • Laying
  • Brooding
  • Egg collection
  • Growing
  • Cull sales
  • Pre- Laying

Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision in egg hatchery processes with specialized Hatchery module. Designed exclusively for the poultry industry, this module offers comprehensive functionalities to optimize egg hatchery management and maximize hatch rates.

Special Features

  • Egg Hatchery
  • Egg Setting
  • Machine and managing capacity
  • Egg candling, destroy
  • Egg Hatching
  • Temperature
  • Pull Outs

Manage broiler production processes effectively with Own Grower – Broiler module. Tailored specifically for broiler farming operations, this module provides comprehensive functionalities to maximize productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

Special Features

  • Shed Readiness and inspection
  • Broiler Placement
  • Inspection & corrective action
  • Marging the feed in the all stages
  • Collection
  • Sales

Maximize the potential of the layer farming operations with our Own Grower – Layers module. Designed to meet the unique needs of layer producers, this module offers comprehensive functionalities to optimize flock management, egg production, and sales processes.

Special Features

  • Brooding
  • Growing
  • Pre-Laying
  • Laying
  • Egg Collection
  • Egg Sales
  • Cull Sales


Elevate the quality control processes with specialized QC module. Designed to ensure uncompromising quality and compliance, this module offers comprehensive functionalities to monitor, measure, and manage quality parameters across all production processes.

Special Features

  • All processes are tagged with QC and parameters

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